‘Mad Men’ season 7, episode 9 review: Is there something between Megan and Harry?

Mad MenAfter seeing Don struggling with Rachel’s death last week on “Mad Men”, we weren’t sure that we were going to see Diane the waitress again or if Don was able to move on. Is he going to have any kind of happy ending by the time this is all over? We do like Diane, but because she clearly has some heavy baggage (like Don does) we wonder if she’s the right person for him.

Megan: They are trying to get their divorce finalized and Megan is in town to get a few things from Don’s apartment. When Megan leaves her mother in charge of gathering her belongings, she clears out his entire apartment much to Megan’s shock. At the divorce meeting Don gives Megan a cheque for a million dollars to offer her the life she deserves and she takes it.

Harry: Megan has also reached out to Harry to ask him to help her find an agent, but when they meet up, Harry suggests an exchange of sex for help with her career and she tells him off and leaves. A panicked Harry goes to Don to tell him that Megan is acting crazy and basically lays out the ground work to save himself just in case Megan outed his advances. No one wanted to get punched int he face by Don Draper.

Don: He is still chasing after Diane the waitress from the diner and learns that she’s also going through a divorce. After coming over to sleep with Don again, we see that she’s very different from the other women he’s been with. She’s been divorced, she lost her young daughter to the flu and abandoned her second daughter – she is a much deeper and more troubled woman then any of the others Don has been with. We wonder if a woman with layers is a better match for Don. Unfortunately, Diane has some deep rooted pain and she ends things with him when she realizes that for the first time in years, she’s forgotten her pain while she’s been with him and she never wants to forget.

There was a nice cameo from Sylvia and with Rachel, Megan and Betty all floating around in Don’s life these past 2 episodes, we wonder if it’s all leading to something bigger for Don and Diane. Can Don really be happy with anyone since he can’t be happy with himself? It was nice to see Betty, but we don’t want to see her if she doesn’t have any purpose except to remind us that she’s around. Pete’s golfing pants were easily the best part of the episode tonight. Episode grade: C+

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