‘Shark Tank’ review: Forus Athletics, PullyPalz, Bee Thinking, and Budsies

The latest -Tonight, “Shark Tank” aired a show that had us very divided when it comes to our predetermined opinions on the products. One of them was one of our favorites based on concept in the history of the show. Meanwhile, we had one that really made us hungry for honey, and a couple others that we really don’t relate to at all.

Now, we are able to present our opinions with context! It’s easy to like something based on an idea, but you still have to figure out how exactly they sound once you include sales and all of the metrics. As always, you can click on each one of the links below to be routed over to an official website.

Budsies – We still love this idea. The business has problems like a long wait time and a somewhat-heavy price, but we would pay $69 for something that is so creative and original. The problem is that many sharks don’t find it something that can be scaled easily. We understand that to an extent, but we feel like for the average family, this is a great way to embrace their child or even their own creativity.

The main reason why this pitch didn’t quite work was just because the focus was perhaps a little broad, and the valuation was much to high. We don’t really think that the negotiation was that fair this time, but at the same time, maybe we’re not the average consumer when we say we really like it.

Bee Thinking – A product that is all about bees in so many forms. They sell beehives, honey, and a variety of other interesting things. Ultimately, what was so interesting here was that the main issue here was similar to the one with Budsies, at least in that being able to scale the business was the biggest concern of the sharks. How are they going to be able to profit, and quickly? There were understandably quite a few questions about this, and unfortunately not a whole lot of answers at the same time. We don’t necessarily love bees, but as a honey fanatic we’d at least be interested in trying out the fruit of the bees’ labor.

PullyPalz – We really cannot relate to the function of this product, as someone with no babies and no understanding of how this works. Could PullyPalz reverse the trend this week? The sales are decent, but the issue here is that the price was a little too high for what is basically a hybrid of a plush toy and a pacifier. We’re actually surprised that there was hesitation when Lori Greiner offered a pretty generous offer for 30%. The negotiation paid off, but we would’ve taken the first offer right away!

Forus Athletics – An athletic company with a message. They give back to charity, but what we really discounted going into the episode was just the quality of the shoe itself. They seem very capable of performing well, and sell for a fair price. We just worried after watching their presentation that they were far too scattered for their own good. They actually managed to get the interest of Robert Herjavec, but not getting Daymond John on board turns out to be their Achilles’ heel.

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