‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ episode 8 review: Did Dan’s comments cause a revolution?

Dan -Wednesday night’s “Survivor: Worlds Apart” was all sorts of outstanding. There is not really another way to describe it. It was insanely entertaining, stuffed full of fun moments, and ultimately very interesting strategy.

Let’s start here with Joe, who may never lose an immunity challenge if he continues to be so dominant in EVERYTHING. One thing that we loved about him is how he chose people for the reward. He didn’t just take people from No Collar. He left them, potentially to bring in new allies and also to keep some people monitoring what was going on back at Merica (still a crazy name).

Also, great strategy by Mike in following Tyler and Joe after the challenge, realizing that Joe had a clue for an immunity idol clue. He acted as though he found it in front of the group, and then Mike went and got it for himself! A shrewd move by him to secure his safety more moving forward. It may be the only shrewd move that the Blue Collar alliance has right now. Rodney is still planning some crazy coup come the final seven, while Dan is completely terrible at the social game. He may actually be the worst social player since Phillip in “Redemption Island.”

So should Sierra have flipped with Tyler to the No Collar group and got rid of Dan? While it would have been a really fun thing to watch, it makes sense for them not to go and became the 5th and 6th person in a new alliance, mostly because the current majority alliance has no clear power structure. Hali’s exit may have been predictable, but that should not diminish from a really fun hour of TV. Grade: A.

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