‘Better Call Saul’ finale spoilers: Is Jimmy moving on after Chuck betrayal? (Video)

Better Call Saul season 1This past episode of “Better Call Saul” certainly left our series lead of Jimmy McGill in quite the precarious position. After all, he was so close to getting a chance to take on the assisted living center in court, but instead was betrayed by his own brother Chuck. As a result, he is looking at a small fee and a share of a backend when HHM takes over the case, and he does not get an office in their building or anything else that he wanted. Why? It’s all a matter of Chuck’s own skewed sense of morality, which includes him thinking that his own brother is unfit of being a lawyer because he took many of his classes online from a school in American Samoa.

While we don’t expect things to be rosy between the two McGills anytime soon, the sneak peek below does represent Jimmy admitting to himself that Kim really is not so evil. When we saw her, she may have been trying to warn Jimmy about the storm that was coming, and he was too busy yelling at her to really listen.

Now, he’s listening and apologizing at the same time. While he seems sincere and ready to move forward from this fiasco, we’re not entirely sure that he is. This is Slippin’ Jimmy we’re talking about here! We would not be remotely surprised if he opts to lie to her, and comes up with some crazy scheme to either screw his brother over, or get a larger share in the money from HHM. He’s not the sort of man to let things go.

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Photo: AMC

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