The CW not done with superheroes yet; working on Wonder Twins series!

The latest -The CW over the years have become well-known for its superhero adaptations. “Smallville” was a landmark hit, and since that time they’ve developed “Arrow” and “The Flash.” You may have heard that the series is developing a superhero team-up show featuring the likes of the Atom, Captain Cold, Hawkgirl, and at least one half of Firestorm, but did you hear about the Wonder Twins?

Well, this may be the greatest surprise that the network has in store of all. Sources claim that the network, coupled with an all-star producing team of Greg Berlanti, Greg Kinnear, Greg from your local Starbucks, and a writers room of thirty-plus people are quietly preparing an adaptation of the famed Hanna-Barbara turned DC Comics characters. Here’s a breakdown of their powers: Zan can transfer into any state of water (useful if you are thirsty), whereas Jayna can turn into any animal (also useful if you want to remind yourself of the Animorphs kids’ book series). They’ve appeared in “Justice League Unlimited” and also in “Smallville” … but you’ve never seen them quite like this. The new adaptation will be dark, gritty, and make you want to ask, what makes these twins so wonderful? Why would Zan turn into a block of ice when he could be a glacier? Why would Jayna want to be a calico cat when she could be a tiger? What’s with the leotards?

The series is already deep into the casting process, with William Shatner being favored heavily for the male lead. Given how much time the “Star Trek” alum has spent live-tweeting various shows on The CW within the past year, one executive in particular thought they may as well add him to the payroll. Negotiations are ongoing to make longtime Shatner Twitter frenemy Misha Collins into the series’ principal villain, where he will continue to be dressed as Castiel in a cost-cutting move.

The CW has approached a variety of past and present network stars for the Jayna role including Blake Lively, Rachel Bilson, and even “America’s Next Top Model” host Tyra Banks, but they all declined it for either scheduling conflicts or just plain fears that the show would be such a hit that they would never be able to deal with the fame. Instead, producers are making a rare move of rotating various actresses for the role every week, including “Ellen” stars Sophia Grace and Rosie (interchangeably), Kate McKinnon as Olya from “Saturday Night Live,” and three lucky “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” male studio audience members. By the end of the first season, producers hope to cast one person, and then promptly pretend as if that person played the part the entire time.

As soon as casting is finalized, we hear that the show will receive a straight-to-series order, meaning that you will not have to wonder whether or not these two twins will ever get to scream “activate” at the top of their lungs on TV, in the most irritating way humanly possible. Possible premiere dates are being circled, but for now April 1, 2016 is at the top of the list.

In closing, an unnamed executive told us that “the idea for this story and for future Wonder Twins adventures is so solid, only a fool would not pick this up.”

Oh, and April Fools’ Day everybody, not as if it wasn’t already obvious. Thanks for indulging us once again this year, and head over here to get some other TV updates via our CarterMatt Newsletter. (Photo: The CW.)

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