‘Better Call Saul’ finale spoilers: How will Jimmy McGill tale end?

Better Call Saul season 1We adored the new “Better Call Saul” episode that aired tonight on AMC, and yet there is simultaneously a part of it that we struggle to wrap our head around. Maybe it is the notion of Chuck deciding to turn from being a neurotic-but-gracious patient to a villain in Jimmy McGill’s eyes, selling him out for the purpose of serving what he believes to be right. How a man like Hamlin is justifiably better than Jimmy, whose means to an end were still going to help people, is a question we should all be asking.

Next week could tie the story of the season together, but simultaneously it could also spell out the downfall for Jimmy as he starts to look towards the horizon that is Saul Goodman. If neither Kim nor his own brother were willing to stand with him, what other choice does he have now but to stand for himself? This is the sort of short-sighted question we expect Bob Odenkirk’s character to ask. He needs to find money somewhere without turning over that case, and judging by where he ends up, he may not be capable of fighting of the assisted living center’s brigade of attorneys on his own.

The promo that aired Monday following “Pimento” is little help in guessing the end of the season, though we continue to suspect that a cameo or two from “Breaking Bad” could be in order. If nothing else, we could do with a Jimmy / Mike reunion, as the two could start to realize that they need each other to continue in the “shady work” business that they now have their toes dipped into.

After the finale airs, we may have a solid nine-plus months to wait until season 2 begins. That wait sounds worse right now than whatever Mike was eating for lunch.

(Photo: AMC.)

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