‘Scorpion’ episode 21 preview: Katharine McPhee’s Paige gets a shock

Let us start this “Scorpion” article by getting some of the bad news out of the way: There is no new episode airing on CBS next week. There are at least two more episodes this season, but the network is going to make you wait before getting to them.

Therefore, you will be taking in a repeat when the show airs next week (provided you want to watch a repeat), and then you’ll be on standby until Monday, April 13 to see “Cliffhanger,” which we are hoping is not a reference towards the episode’s ending. This is a case that almost certainly could set the stage for a crazy end of the season, since we face a possibility where Walter could lose his life, and where Team Scorpion could crumble like it was a scorpion made of sand. Exciting stuff lies ahead, and also events that may make you chew your nails a little bit if you are a ‘shipper of Paige and Walter. We saw him go to her house tonight to confess his feelings for her, but decided to walk away after seeing Paige, Ralph and Drew looking like a happy family through her window. Katharine McPhee should have some great material here.

If you want to get some other news in terms of what to expect, take a look at the attached synopsis:

“Walter finally learns Cabe’s long-kept secret regarding the Baghdad mission, and it threatens to tear Team Scorpion apart forever.  Also, Paige’s world is rocked when Ralph puts his life in danger to help the team.”

In case you are wondering where the world the promo is for this episode, the answer to that is relatively simple: CBS will not put one out until next week. This is just the way that the network operates. That being said we are extremely excited to see more of Ralph since he’s been absent since the Valentine’s Day episode. This show is supposed to be about Paige helping the team, but it’s also supposed to be about the team helping her “understand her genius son”. Where has that story-line gone?

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