Kids’ Choice Awards 2014: Fifth Harmony, Ross Lynch, ‘Austin & Ally,’ ‘Modern Family’ among winners

KCA -Let’s start this Kids’ Choice Awards article with a dose of real-talk: Even when we were a kid (and trust us when we say it’s been a while), we argued with most of the choices that other kids made for the awards show. Maybe this is because we wanted Kel Mitchell and “Hey Arnold!” to win every single award ever. Is this too much to ask, really?

This year, we are pleased to report that the kids made some wise choices. Rounds of applause! Well, we suppose we should say that they made good choices in some of the categories with people we’ve actually heard of. As we mentioned, it’s been a while since we were a kid, and we have not had many opportunities to watch Nick or the Disney Channel these days (as much as we do love Disney here at CarterMatt).

Since we’re a TV site, we’re not going to waste a lot of time here talking about categories like movies or athletes, so let’s instead focus our attention on our bread and butter, which is probably going to be green and slime-flavored in honor of this show.

Favorite Reality Show – “Dance Moms.” Let’s ignore that children voted for a show to win that has it’s entire claim to fame revolving around an adult yelling at children until they cry uncontrollably. Moving on.

Favorite Talent Show – “The Voice.” It makes sense. It’s family-friendly, has some of the most popular faces in the music industry right now and produces singers that kids can relate to.

Favorite Family TV Show – “Modern Family.” We’re perturbed first and foremost that this show beat “The Flash.” Also, in what universe is “Gotham” considered a family show? Did they miss what happened to Fish Mooney’s eye or the horrible things that the Penguin has done to everyone?

Favorite Kids TV Show – “Austin & Ally.” Admittedly, we’ve never seen it.

Favorite TV Actress – Laura Marano. See above.

Favorite TV Actor – Ross Lynch. Also see above.

Favorite Cartoon – “SpongeBob SquarePants.” Hooray! Finally a show that is in touch with our inner nostalgia-loving cynical inner child.

Favorite New Artist – Fifth Harmony. Not really a TV category, but we can comment on it since we cheered them on during their season of “The X Factor.”

What’s your take on the winners? Let us know with a comment, and head over here to get some further TV scoop on all we cover via our CarterMatt Newsletter. (Photo: Nick.)

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