‘Once Upon A Time’ season 2, episode 7 review: Is Ruby still a killer?

Once Upon A TimeLast time on “Once Upon A Time” we saw Emma running off with the magic compass in search of Cora to get the magic dust from the burnt down wardrobe, leaving poor Hook handcuffed in the giant’s lair.

Storybooke: Grumpy found some diamonds containing fairy dust in the mines and everyone’s ready to celebrate… everyone but Charming’s adoptive father, King George. He instead wants to rip away everything that Charming has and make him suffer for letting him lose his kingdom back in the enchanted forest.

Ruby: Red hasn’t faced a full moon since the curse and tonight she will see if she can still control herself without the magic hood. She gets granny to lock her up for the night, but she manages to escape…. did she kill anyone? When Billy turns up dead, Ruby immediately thinks that she is responsible. Charming locks her up in jail (by her request), but his father starts a mutiny with the townsfolk for control of Red and control of the town. Charming and Belle want to hide Red, but she’s ready to face the consequences of her actions.

Charming finds Red’s hood hidden away in the trunk of a car and knows that Red has been framed… can he figure out who it is before she gives herself over to the angry mob? It quickly becomes clear that the person behind this was King George and that this isn’t about Red, but is a power play for the people of Storybrooke. After Red is cleared and King George is found guilty, George burns Jefferson’s magic hat in front of Charming and Red.

Henry: His dreams of the fire room with no doors is getting worse – so bad in fact that he’s waking up with real life burns on his body. He learns that these are not just dreams but him entering a phase that is between life and death and although no one can help stop this from happening (it’s a direct effect of the sleeping curse Regina cast on him by accident), Gold is helping him to control his time in this existence. The next time Henry dreams he finds that he is able to talk to Aurora in the enchanted forest.

We love episodes that are all about Red, she’s such a dynamic character: Caring and loving, but also a killer. Learning about her origins, that her mother is actually alive and how she learned to control the wolf within was a lot of fun. Episode grade: B-

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