‘Scorpion’ season 1, episode 20 review: What happened on Toby and Happy’s date?

Ever since Toby and Happy’s relationship became romantic on “Scorpion” we have found ourselves completely invested in their happiness. There aren’t many show couples that we honestly swoon over, but these two grabbed our hearts in a big way, so we couldn’t be more pumped for their big date tonight.

Toby’s mistake: He has been in love with Happy for a long time and he hasn’t made it much of a secret, but now that he’s actually got the girl of his dreams he’s finding himself nervous and not trusting himself with her. Before their first official date, he takes a calming agent to try not to ruin the date, but instead it makes him fall asleep and Happy is left all dressed up at a restaurant with no date. Knowing that he’s in the dog house, he tries everything he can to fix the situation including bringing her a box of “nuts” and bouquet of wrenches and Frank the singing telegram guy. With Happy being so closed off to other people for so long, it’s going to take a lot more then that to fix the situation.

Walter: He is using Happy and Toby’s dating tension to implement a “no dating at work” rule in hopes that it will squash his own feelings for Paige since he knows that Drew is moving in and ready to take Paige away. He asks Paige to help fix the tension and push his new plan, but instead she tries to smooth things over for Toby… unfortunately Happy isn’t having it and it’s going to take a lot more then a singing telegram and a pep talk to get these two back on track.

Happy’s decision: As much as Toby tries to explain himself and begs for understanding, she isn’t willing to give it. She tells him that she has never really been on a date and that she’s not going to go on one again. She has completely shut down and says that it’s better that things between them didn’t go any further since it was destined to end and they would’ve lost their friendship.

It’s not surprising that getting stood up on a date is something that would force Happy to put the wall back up again. We hope that she will find a way to open up to Toby again in a romantic way, but we suspect that it will be a while and he will really have to earn it. We love seeing these two together, but we knew that there would be stumbles with these two. Episode grade: B-

Were you unhappy that Toby and Happy are no longer a couple? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you want to see happen with Paige and Walter.

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