‘The Good Wife’ season 6, episode 16 review: Did Alicia Florrick or Frank Prady win the election?

The election for State’s Attorney on “The Good Wife” certainly took a whole lot of time this season, but we are pleased to say in the end that it is finally over. So did Alicia Florrick or Frank Prady win? Well, the answer to this is pretty complicated.

When it comes to the election itself, Alicia did win! However, at the same time it was in a somewhat-controversial fashion. Peter decided to give an impromptu speech downtown, and managed to divert a substantial amount of attention from everything else taking place. He also caused a traffic jam that convinced many voters in Prady’s core not go out and hit the polls. It’s a tricky win, but given that Peter also won by some controversial means, you cannot be too shocked by what happened here.

While all of this happened, Alicia also had to say goodbye to two of her recent love interests. Finn is in the process of seeing someone else; meanwhile, Johnny decided that he was also going to take off now to California. Where does this leave her romantically?

To us, perhaps the most interesting news of all was learning that Kalinda may have to act as a liaison of sorts to the office now with Alicia running it, and given that these two women have literally not been in the same room together on this show in years, this could certainly lead to some major surprises. Grade: B+.

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