‘Girls’ season 4, episode 10 (finale) preview: Ray burns Desi and much more

There are times when Ray on “Girls” is our spirit animal; then again, there are other times when we feel like we would probably argue with him constantly if he was a real person.

In the end, we still feel like he is the show’s strongest character since he is the right combination of selfish and selfless, ambitious and also petty. he wants to do better by his community as a representative for them, but at the same time, he wants to reduce traffic on his street some he can actually relax. Romantically, he does seem to want the best for Marnie and Shoshanna, but that doesn’t stop his own feelings from getting involved.

Of course, Desi is a special case here because he seems to be, by all purposes, a tool. He seemed to propose to Marnie mostly so that he could keep them from fighting anymore, and Ray knows that the guy is bad news. At the same time, he also still loves Marnie, and that bleeds into him telling Desi in the promo below that he has a hard time being happy for their new engagement. The way in which he eviscerates Desi in the process is rather hilarious.

Also in this promo, Adam’s sister and Laird deliver a child within the confines of their own home, which freaks Hannah out in precisely the way in which you would expect. Meanwhile, decisions loom for many of the show’s other characters. This season hasn’t been perfect, but it is a step up from the at-times dreary season 3. Let’s just hope for a solid ending now.

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