‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ episode 4 review: Blue Collar bickering

Rodney -We wanted to sit down and create individual reviews for each episode of “Survivor: Worlds Apart” tonight, and there is a very particular reason for that: These were two very different episodes. One of them was a little easier to gauge, while the other was completely amazing in the blindside factor.

We’re going to focus here, though, on the somewhat-surprising demise of Lindsey Cascaddan, who seemed to be mostly a victim of her tribe making a possibly short-sighted move to keep Rodney around. Let’s talk the comments and all of that aside for a second, and speak here solely here in terms of strategy. In getting rid of Lindsey, the entire Blue Collar tribe alienated Sierra, especially in insanely splitting the vote. We had vote-splitting when there are only six people in your tribe; you are not only putting a ton of faith in those around you, but at the same time, you are also angering someone else by telling them that they are fifth on the totem pole. If you don’t put votes on Sierra, maybe you can turn that around a little bit easier. Would getting rid of Rodney really ticked anyone off?

Rodney’s biggest problem is that he doesn’t treat women the way they want to be treated; in this game, it doesn’t so much matter about outside perceptions as much as it does within the confines. If your viewpoint angers the other members of the tribe and makes them want to take a stand against you, you need to stop it. Even Jeff Probst basically told him at tribal that what he was saying about women needing to hold themselves to a “higher standard” (we still don’t even know what he was talking about) would be offensive. Rodney needs not to be the preacher to the world about his beliefs.

At the same time, Lindsey set herself up for this fall by being completely argumentative when she really didn’t need to be. Take, for instance, her saying “your God” last week to Mike. It was completely unnecessary. The reason we would’ve kept her over Rodney is that there was a 0.0001% chance she would ever flipped on the alliance. Never keep a loose cannon over a loyal person.

There were times when the Blue Collar tribe dragged a little in this episode, and we also spent a ton of time on the Kelly injury that had no bearing on anything. The better focus in this episode was on Jenn continuing to prove herself to be an interesting force to be reckoned with. While her tribe members celebrated eating a chicken they won at the reward, she went off and found the immunity idol! A great way for her to make the best of an uncomfortable situation.

Ultimately, we’re rather curious to see how quickly all of things falls apart for the Blue Collar tribe. It’s probably going to be sooner rather than later, save for maybe Mike (who is starting to figure some stuff out). Grade: B-.

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