‘iZombie’ season 1, episode 2 review: Liv meets another zombie, but is he friendly?

Last week we had a chance to check out the premiere of “iZombie” and we have to say that we are already a fan. The idea is original, the characters are great and Rose McIver is magic. They’ve set up some really fun elements to this show (like that Liv picks up traits of the people’s brains she eats) and we think there’s a lot of great material to mine from this concept. So did the second episode stack up to the premiere? Let’s take a look.

It has been six months since Major and Liv broke up and he’s only now bringing back a box of things she left at his house. It’s still hard for Liv to see him and the fact that’s he’s starting to move on doesn’t help. After eating the brains of an artist, Major stops by to find her listening to jazz and painting – she is also more affectionate to him then she has been in six months: Affects from Javier. After eating more of his brains she later heads over to Major’s house to try to be intimate with him and he’s furious with her saying that she can’t be cold to him for 6 months and then expect to show up and have everything be okay. He throws her out and we think that these two may not be end game and we wonder what Major’s role on the show will be going forward.

She is starting to have visions about another zombie (Blaine), but after scouring the internet for other survivors of the zombie attack, she comes up empty. Even though she can’t find him, he finds her at the morgue… asking what she wants from him. She says that she hasn’t met anyone else that’s a zombie and he says that he hasn’t met anyone else either. Is he going to be the new love interest for Liv?

Blaine reveals that he gets his brains by grave robbing and that the guy he was chasing down the alley (that she saw in her vision) was trying to mug him. She tells him that he was the man that tried to sell her drugs at the party and that he’s the person that scratched her and turned her into a zombie, but he tells her that he’s changed. She also doesn’t entirely trust him… and she really shouldn’t since it looks like he feeds on the living and not grave robbing like he said.

He does have an ulterior motive to meet Liv and it’s to ask her to help him get brains from time to time and she agrees to meet him later. When she shows up to give Blaine the brains she sees him talking to some sketchy characters and realizes that he hasn’t changed at all. Not only that but Blaine has found a new way to push drugs… turning people into zombies and then selling the brains he gets from Liv to these people.

Blaine introduces a cool new element to this show – the idea of a zombie that doesn’t try to play by the rules and doesn’t really care who he hurts. It’s a nice juxtaposition to Liv and we wonder if her influence will bring him over to the good side or if she will fall down into his dark well. Episode grade: B-

What did you think of this episode of ‘iZombie”? We will be covering the show all season so be sure to check in with us for more coverage of the show.

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