‘Justified’ season 6, episode 10 review: Ava faces more jail time, Boyd betrayed

AvaNow that Boyd’s plan to blast into the vault went totally sideways, how is he going to get Avery’s money? He’s frazzled and know’s he limited on time since Avery’s moving the money in just a few hours to another location . We worry that Boyd is going to make a mistake in his frantic state, but he’s been in tough spots before where he’s managed to squeak out okay… will he get away this time too?

Raylan: He tries to shake Avery’s trust with Catherine, saying that she will ask him where he’s moving the money and if she does then he should tell her that he’s moving the money to Charlotte. Unfortunately for Avery when he talks to Catherine, she does ask about the money and he feeds her the fake information to see if it gets back to Boyd.

Boyd: He knows he’s being set up by Raylan and that the money isn’t going to Charlotte, so he hires Limehouse to get him and Ava documents to get out of the country. Seems that Boyd has one last trick up his sleeve to get to the money and it’s by kidnapping Catherine and trading her for the cash. Avery shows up and hands over the cash, so he gives Catherine back to Avery, but not before telling Avery the truth about Catherine’s plan to rip Avery off for having her husband murdered.

Ava: What Boyd doesn’t know is that Ava is still working with Raylan since she called him to say that Boyd knows the money isn’t in the truck. Worse then that the higher ups still don’t feel that Ava hasn’t given them enough information and once they catch Boyd she’s going back to prison. Raylan tells her that she’s going back to jail, she tries to push all kinds of other offenses that Boyd may have committed like killing Dewey, Raylan says without proof there’s not much he can do for her and she offers to get a confession out of Boyd in exchange for her freedom. After ripping off Avery, Boyd shows up to see Ava and she shoots Boyd… Unfortunately Raylan sees, but she gets away with the cash.

We had always thought that Ava wasn’t going to have a happy ending on this show, but watching her  shoot Boyd and drive off with the money was pretty sweet. As much as we like Boyd and Ava together, he really did screw her over and now it seems the scales are once again even between them. Episode grade: B-

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