‘Big Brother Canada 3’ pre-game exclusive: Ashleigh Wood hopes to surprise

Ashleigh -Ashleigh Wood is one of the younger contestants on “Big Brother Canada” this season. She also continues a trend of being a blonde woman from Alberta that we’ve seen over the years. It’s understandable if you want to compare her to Heather from last season (she even does), but we do think there is a different dimension to her. Based on our pre-game talk with her earlier this week (prior to “ET Canada” revealing the contestants), we ultimately felt like she may be a little more confrontational, and try way harder then she needs to in order to prove herself from the start.

As for whether or not these are good things for this game, we’ll have that for you in our overall impressions at the bottom of this article. One last thing before we get started here: Head over here if you are curious to read some of our other houseguest spotlights from the exclusive pre-show interviews we did!

Tell us about yourself: Your name, where you’re from, your age, and what you do for a living.

Well I’m Ashleigh Wood, I’m 21, and I’m from Calgary, Alberta. I recently decided take some time off school; I was a sociology student for two years, but I decided to take some time off because I wasn’t sure that was what I was supposed to be doing. I’m kind of going with the flow.

What made you want to try out for Big Brother Canada this year?

Me and my family love watching the show, and my family’s always been like ‘you’ve never done that, you’ve never done this.’ I wanted to do it so I could say that I have done this. I thought it would be a really fun adventure to be a part of.

If you could compare yourself to someone from either BB Canada or BB USA, who would it be?

If I had to compare myself with somebody, I’m not really dead-on with anyone but I would say Heather. I’m not really [able] to be nice all of the time; I can be a little mean at times, only if I feel like I have to be and I have to stand up for myself. She was nice all the time, and I give her props for that.

What’s something about you that would surprise people?

I feel like when people first look at me, they think that I’m a sweet, oblivious blonde girl. I am sweet, but I think that people will underestimate me as a competitor. I definitely feel like in my social game and competition-wise, and I think I will surprise people with how good I am.

What’s your basic strategy going into the house?

My strategy is to play up that [oblivious persona]; the fewer people that perceive me as a threat, the better. In the beginning I really want to focus on my social game and building alliances that way. I want to be in an alliance with someone people would not expect me to be in an alliance with, maybe someone I hate (laughs). I don’t know how well that will work, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Is there any one thing you are the most excited to do this season?

Definitely the competitions and the wardrobe and all the stuff you wear when you compete. They’re all really fun.

What do you think your biggest weakness could be?

My biggest weakness could maybe be my emotions. I tend to bottle things up a lot and I have a bit of a wall sometimes. Eventually, though, something’s going to happen and my emotions are going to come out. This explosion of emotion could be my weakness. It could be tears as opposed to anger.

What are hoping to get out of the show: Money, fame, love, or just a good time?

The prize money! It’s crazy. I have a really big family. I have seven siblings, six brothers and a sister. I’d love to win all of that money and take us all on a really big family vacation. We haven’t really been able to do that ever because there are so many of us. The money and the adventure. The adventure’s a big part of it.

If there is one message you would pass along to the Canadian public before entering the game, what would it be?

To please not hate me! (Laughs.) I hope they give me a chance with my personality and be open-minded about me.

Overall impressions – While we wish that Ashleigh showed more of her humor in this interview, she did give off the impression of being at least a competent player. She’s definitely in that grouping of either she will go home early, or last really deep in the game because everyone will think that they can beat her. While she may have a confrontation or two, most people in the house should like her.

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