‘Once Upon A Time’ season 2, episode 2 review: Did Regina regain her power?

Once Upon A TimeLast week on the premiere of “Once Upon A Time” season 2 we saw Emma and Snow White get sucked through a portal back to fairy-tale land leaving Snow and Charming separated once again. Not only that but the wraith that went through the portal killed sleeping beauty’s true love, leaving her and Mulan wanting answers from Emma and Snow.

Regina: We had a glimpse back into Regina’s past two days before her wedding to the King. We learned that Regina’s mom, Cora, had learned her evil ways and magic from Rumpelstiltskin (and his magic book) before she married her father. She summons Rumpelstiltskin to find out what she can do about her mother and he gives her a portal to push her mother through sending her to another world – can she do it? She does and it’s Regina’s first truly evil act.

Storybrooke: Now that everyone remembers who they are (along with the damage the wraith left behind) everyone is in a panic. The dwarfs decide to see what happens if you leave Storybrooke now that the curse is lifted and Sneezy draws the short straw. He crosses over the town line and forgets that he’s Sneezy – once he returns to Storybrooke, he still can’t remember – basically everyone is trapped in Storybrooke unless they want to permanently forget who they really are.

Meanwhile Charming is still looking for a way to go through the portal to save Snow and Emma and Henry suggests they find the Mad Hatter and see if he can fix the hat. After pouring some magic potion on the hat, he is led straight to Jefferson who of course won’t help him.

Magic: Regina is having a difficult time getting her powers back now that the curse has been lifted and asks Rumpelstiltskin for the book of magic, which he gives her. After opening the book she regains her powers and uses them to terrify the town and regain control of Henry. She offers Henry power and to teach him magic, but he says he doesn’t want that – She admits that she doesn’t know ow to love very well and apologizes for lying to him saying that she wants Henry to be where he wants to be. She wants redemption and offers for Henry to go live with David, which he accepts. David finds out that the enchanted forest still exists and he’s on a quest to find a way there.

Meanwhile…: Snow White and Emma have been captured by Mulan and tossed into a pit – with Cora!

Lots of great stuff happening in this episode, we especially liked seeing the town come together after such a rough tragedy. Also we may have cried a little when Geppetto found his sons hat in August’s room and even though Pinocchio wasn’t there, we have hope for these two. Episode Grade: B-

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