‘Supernatural’ season 10, episode 15 preview: Can Cole help Sam and Dean?

Supernatural -Supernatural” comes back on The CW Wednesday night with “The Things They Carried,” and there is already one thing about this episode that we can say with confidence: It feels very much like Sam and Dean Winchester are already in a precarious position. They are on the hunt for a man named Kit, who seems to be exhibiting some erratic behavior and potentially doing some terrible things.

With this, we also have the return of Cole to the show. In a way, he has the same goal as Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles’ characters: Find Kit at all costs. However, while the Winchesters are fine with doing whatever it takes for the good of the people, even if it means doing something not so pleasant to Kit, it doesn’t seem like Cole is right there with him. He has a relationship with the guy, which leads to him doing the traditional “thing” where he continues to try to defend him at all costs, even though he knows that he really cannot defend against all of his actions.

In the end, the one thing that Cole may need to do here eventually is face reality, however hard that may be. Granted, we still have to wonder if there is something more that he is up to that he has not quite shared with the others just yet. We certainly would not put a certain thing like this past him, based on the sort of information that we know about him already.

Do you think that Cole really could be an asset to Sam and Dean during this case, or really much more of a hindrance? Share some of your thoughts right now with a comment, and head over here to get some other news on individual episodes that lies ahead!

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