‘The Walking Dead’ season 5, episode 14 reaction: Steven Yeun on those emotional Glenn scenes

Glenn -To say that Sunday night’s new episode of “The Walking Dead” was emotional would be making quite the gross understatement. Even though we did not necessarily lose any longtime characters, it was still a gut-wrenching thing to watch at times. Aiden and Noah are no more, and given the time that he spent with them, these deaths (especially the latter) are going to hit Glenn hard.

So how did Steven Yeun get himself ready for that very brutal scene of Noah effectively having his face ripped off right in front of him? This is something that Steven Yeun explains in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly. Obviously, this was a difficult thing to prepare for, but there is a specific way in which to make filming it with Tyler James Williams easier:

“That was a gnarly thing to prepare for. Tyler was so great being right there connected with me the entire time. For me, I was just keeping a mantra in my head. I kind of kept on having the idea of what was about to happen kind of roll through my head. Everyone’s always there to help out and make this place a free place to just go for it. And Tyler was awesome. It was kind of organic how everything happened.”

Now, we are entering the home stretch of the season, and what we really know above all else is that Alexandria is not exactly going to be prepared for what is about to come their way. While these people have done a great job of surviving within their community, the difficulty that comes with that is that they have been closed off in a way from the true terror of the outside world.

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