ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 4 spoilers: Bellamy Young on Mellie’s sister

Mellie -Mellie probably has enough problems on “Scandal,” the last thing that she probably wants to be thinking about right now is her sister. Think about it: She is already having to worry about Fitz’s personal life, Susan Ross getting a dose of power as Vice President, and her own ambitious to sit in the Oval Office someday.

Regardless of whether or not she wants it, though, does not change that it is coming. We have already reported that Lauren Bowles of “True Blood” fame has been booked to play the part, and will be around for at least one episode. There’s a reason that Mellie does not spend a whole lot of time talking about her past, and we are going to have an opportunity very soon to learn what that reason is. For some more on that subject, just take a look at what Bellamy Young had to say in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly all about the subject, and this will completely shake up almost everything that she is up to:

“For Harmony to come to the White House is Mellie’s personal Armageddon … Mellie is paddling so hard to make people believe that she is who she is pretending to be right now, and all the water just falls away and she’s fully exposed for who she is, where she came from and what’s really inside of her. That’s the most terrifying thing to Mellie. It is not pretty.”

Also, let’s not pretend like this is a good time for Fitz, either. The man must be even more exhausted than usual right now, given that he just went through the Susan confirmation ordeal, and Olivia just returned after the kidnapping / auction.

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