‘Blue Bloods’ season 5, episode 18 review: Is Restorative Justice served?

“Blue Bloods” has taken on a variety of challenges in its storytelling throughout its five-season run, but incorporating the Restorative Justice program is still a big risk to take. This is not something most viewers are aware of, and not something that is particularly easy to watch.

The story that to us stole the entire episode was that of Sarah, a woman who confronted the murderer of her entire family when she was a child. He claimed that he had changed, that he had a mental illness that was diagnosed, and that he had found religion and hope behind bars. He had tried to move forward and was seemingly looking for any shred of forgiveness. He found none. Sarah’s response to him was brutal and contained the sort of darkness you would expect for someone who spend so many years of her life feeling alone. Frank was there for her throughout, but this did not do much to wash away the past. How could it, really? There is almost no way for someone to move past this even if they tried the hardest. It’s pain. Some pain is permanent.

This is powerful, harrowing stuff, and some of the best work the show has done this season.

While we were not completely invested in the rest of the episode, seeing Eddie’s first undercover mission proved itself to be very entertaining. After all, it was so nice to see the actual process of this, since the majority of the time we only see the end result where every cop is somehow awesome at this. Life is never quite that easy, even for the best operatives.

We have to say that the strength of the Frank story lifts the episode, which is something we find ourselves saying many times on “Blue Bloods.” Not being well-rounded hurts it ever so slightly. Grade: B+.

Did you think that Sarah’s response was appropriate? Let us know in the comments.

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