‘King of the Nerds’ season 4: On potential renewal hopes; what you can do

Kind of the Nerds -Tonight, “King of the Nerds” ended season 3 with an episode that brought quite a bit to the table: You had an epic finale challenge, a strong winner, and some generally great entertainment all around. We’ve really come to enjoy the show over the years; it is completely different than anything else that is airing, and it also empowers its contestants in a way that no other can.

Now, we have to wonder: Is this the end of the road? TBS cannot do us a favor and announce one way or another if the show is coming back; instead, they torture us with all of the waiting! We want to give you as full of a picture as possible as to the show’s current future, so here is what we’ll give you for now.

The ratings – They’ve been decent for Friday night, if not spectacular. Last week’s episode drew a 0.3 rating in the ad-friendly 18-49 demographic and over 800,000 viewers. However, the episode that aired in this same time last year drew a 0.5 rating and just over a million viewers. For the most part, though, the numbers have been fairly comparable, and given that this season airs on a Friday and that is far from the best night for reality programming (especially with “Shark Tank,” the top Friday show, as a competitor), the diehard viewers have something to be proud of. It’s still unclear as to whether or not this is enough.

The changes – Over the course of the past year, there have been some new faces entering TBS. Namely, former Fox exec Kevin Reilly is now in charge of this network and TNT, and he is inheriting “King of the Nerds” from a different regime. Reilly was quick to end some shows on TNT, and he may be interested in putting his own creative stamp on things. However, he also loves original brands, and this show pushes the envelope and stands out. There are many other people working under Reilly to help decide this, but if TBS is anything like other networks, he has the final say.

The budget – This is what we cannot really speak to as much, but we know that so much in the end comes down to money. Given that this is an unscripted show with reality contestants and a relatively cheap by TV standards cash prize, we cannot imagine that it breaks the bank. For the most part, unscripted shows are more cost-effective than ones with a full cast and a massive writing staff.

We could be waiting several months for news on a renewal, but here is some advice for fans of the show: Campaign! Tweet to TBS, use the hashtag #NerdsRule, and stay vocal about why you love Nerdvana in every way. The campaign to save the show last year was strong, and we have little doubt that it will change now.

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