‘Bates Motel’ season 3, episode 2 review: Did Norma and Romero kiss?

Last week “Bates Motel” came back to A&E and they decided that Norman and Norma were not creepy enough last season. We are only 1 episode in and we already have the mother and son spooning in bed together almost every night and even though Dylan called it out as creepy, they just don’t care. Are we in for more of that tonight?

The next day (after Norman drove Annika’s Porsche back to the motel), Norma discovers that she is missing. When Norma asks Norman if he had seen the girl he lies and by the afternoon, Norma learns the truth. Norman’s story is that Annika knew she would be drinking and asked Norman to drive the car back.

Norman tells his mother not to worry about him, because he’s laying down strong foundations with his home schooling and with Emma as his girlfriend. He wants her to feel that he is normal, but she knows that he’s not…. and he knows it too. Emma is pushing Norman into a more sexual relationship and he’s so uncomfortable that it’s easy to see that Emma is his beard to hide his crazy self. Eventually Emma is able to get Norman to kiss, but he finds an excuse to stop it and go inside his house.

When another day has passed, Norma and Emma decide to go into Annika’s room to look for clues as to where she’s went. Norma finds an invitation in Annika’s bag from the local hunting club and she decides to go to it to see if she can find the missing girl. When she gets to the exclusive club she is sent away when she doesn’t know the password, but this of course doesn’t stop Norma as she scales the wall to get in. She spies in a window and sees some pretty risque stuff, but she also sees Romero there. She ends up telling Romero everything about Annika, including Norman being the last person to see her.

Romero’s house is finally ready after 3 months and he’s moving out of the motel – he also reveals that the bypass has started to get paved, so she needs to get ready for that. We loved the hug he gave her before he left (could’ve been a kiss, but they were too awkward) – there’s just something electric between these too that we are rooting for.

We are enjoying most of the stories that the season has set up, but we are not really loving Dylan’s story. He barely has any interaction with Norman and Norma now that he’s basically living in a cabin in the woods alone while his father pushes himself into his life. Dylan needs to be incorporated with the family, his storyline is too broken from everything else. Episode grade: C+

What did you think of tonight’s episode of”Bates Motel”? Was it everything you had hoped for? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts.

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