‘The Good Wife’ season 6, episode 14 review: A Josh Charles surprise, more in ‘Mind’s Eye’

There were many surprises that came during Sunday night’s episode of “The Good Wife,” but one of them involved at least hearing a ghost from the show’s past.

During “Mind’s Eye,” we found out through Alicia’s own daydreams that she was still haunted by the ghost of Will Gardner, who she lost during the show last season. We know that Josh Charles is still a beloved part of the show’s universe, and has even directed since “leaving” the show. Well, he returned tonight … sort of. Hopefully we will get confirmation on the voice, but it definitely sounded like Charles was at least speaking his lines. As for whether or not he was there in physical form, it certainly did not seem like it. The show tried to shadow out Will’s body during his sequence with Julianna Margulies’ character, but we could still tell that it did not look like the character. Maybe they couldn’t get the schedule together for a full-blown cameo to work.

For those super-curious, it was confirmed earlier this weekend at PaleyFest that Charles wasn’t actually appearing in the episode, but there was never anything said about the voice. Update: E! News confirms that it was Charles’ voice you heard during the episode.

As for the episode itself tonight, it was mostly a fascinating study on whether or not Alicia would tell the truth to the voters and do the brave thing, or do the … political thing and stay silent. It was beautiful as a character study, and to see every single side of the woman. However, at the same time we would understand criticism proclaiming that not a whole lot actually happened throughout the hour. It was almost a beautiful, emotional sequence to get us from point A to an inch or two closer to point B.

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