‘Dancing with the Stars’ 20 spotlight: Will Chris Soules, Witney Carson plow through competition?

Chris Soules -Yes, we know that Chris Soules has not been officially confirmed as being a part of “Dancing with the Stars” season 20, but it has been basically reported enough at this point to almost make it a certainty. There is really no point in hiding it anymore!

What Chris will bring to the show this season is charm, a fan following, and also this sort of everyman narrative in an attempt to encourage men and women at home to vote for him. What he doesn’t have is dance experience, and “Bachelor” stars don’t have a reputation of making it all the way to the finale. Sean Lowe made it to sixth place, Jake Pavelka finished in seventh, and then Trista Sutter did not even make it past the start of the original version of the show. (Technically, she came in sixth, but there were only six contestants that season.)

Name – Chris Soules

Age – 33

Claim to fame – Being a cast member on Andi Dorfman’s “The Bachelorette,” and then also the star of “The Bachelor” this season. Known for being “Prince Farming,” a soft-spoken guy from a tiny town in Iowa who wants to find love.

Partner – Witney Carson. She is the reigning champion with Alfonso Ribeiro, so we have to think that she will be hungry to do this all over again. Also, she has a following that stems back from “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Strengths – Well, he’s certainly timely, isn’t he? “The Bachelor” ends a week before “Dancing with the Stars” begins, and Chris is certainly a likable guy from his time on the show. He’s come across as very nice, and he has shown a certain willingness to make fun of himself. That is something he will need to utilize throughout this competition.

Weaknesses – Unlike some other contestants, we’ve seen actual video evidence from “The Bachelor” that Chris cannot dance. He may be in good shape, but he’s not an experienced performer. He will be one of the greenest contestants on this season, and he may have a hard time getting votes from outside of Bachelor Nation. After all, this is the sort of polarizing show where you either love it, or you pre-judge anyone who appears on it.

Prediction – Chris probably won’t be back on the farm right away, since his fans will come out and help him in the early weeks. We just don’t see him making it any further than Sean did, since he has too many obstacles to overcome.

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