‘King of the Nerds’ season 3, finale review: Did Ben, Jonathan, Kaitlin or Lily win?

Jonathan -So last week on “King of the Nerds” all of the nerds were brought back to pledge allegiance to one of the four remaining contestants to help them win the crown so how did the chips fall? Let’s take a look at where the allegiances fall and who won “King of the Nerds” season 3.

Lily: Todd wanted to give his loyalty to her to show her that he really feels regret over the fight that they had, and she also had Amanda on her team.

Jonathan: He ended up with Jacob, Thomas, Heather, Raychelle – quite a few people want him to win it seems as he has the most people supporting him.

Kaitlin: Kaitlin reveals to the nerds not included in the secret six that there was an alliance – which is completely genius in getting votes! She ended up with Ori, and Colby.

Ben: Poor Ben ended up with no one standing behind him and it immediately made us want to root for him.

The first nerd war involved trivia, questions related to nerd culture – so it’s pretty broad. The people backing the nerds can help by answering one question each to help if it’s needed. Ben stood up pretty well against the nerds that had people behind them… in fact he was the first nerd to win a place into the finale! What a total boss! The other nerd that ended up in the finale was Jonathan leaving Kaitlin and Lily going home. It is the end of a woman wearing the crown and we will see a man sitting on the throne this season.

The finale nerd off is playing 7 games and the one to win 4 games first is crowned. The person we really felt bad for was Pom Pom Kitty who seemed to be receiving some sort of horrible punishment pushing out giant boards and arcade games in high heels. This was a nail bitter as it came down to a 3 to 3 tie with one game left to name the winner! So who won “King of the Nerds” season 3? The winner was Jonathan!

This was a great finale and one that we couldn’t have predicted coming in a million years since we have had female winner after female winner over the years. We love being surprised and this show continues to do that. While there is still no word on a “King of the Nerds” season 4 – we are hopeful. Also seeing Heather and Jacob sitting on the couch together crushing on one another – so totally cute. One last thing we want to mention is that we love, love, loved seeing the show put up a title card wishing Bobby Carradine a speedy recovery from his accident. WE wish him the best from all of us here at CarterMatt too – he is magnificent. Episode grade: A-

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