‘Shark Tank’ review: Frill Clothing, Twin Z Pillow, Coco Jack, and BedRyder

The latest -Tonight, “Shark Tank” aired a special time … which probably surprised you just as much as it surprised us. Why do you keep moving around this show to different nights and times? We know that it’s a consistent performer, but there is only so long that you can continue to make people so confused with when your show is coming on.

Rant aside, there were some interesting products tonight, and all of them had a theme in that they are made in America. This is impressive from a “caring for your country” point of view. However, there are also some times in here where you could see that production costs were an issue.

Coco Jack – This was fun for what it was. We don’t love the whole “this is not a business; it’s a product” shtick, but it may be true here. However, Mark Cuban has a knack for making something special with quirky products. Maybe he can make something out of this, if he markets it to the right people.

BedRyder – We do think that this idea is really a whole lot of fun. After all, how else do you carry around more people in your truck bed? This pitch was completely messed up from the beginning, mostly because the majority shareholder was not even there! Also, there was the issue of cost, and then also liability and whether or not this is really safe enough to get into the truck bed with. Yep, obvious pun. Sorry about that. No deal for this company.

Frill Clothing – Is this brand of clothing cool, or a little cluttered? We are not that familiar with sororities, but marketing specifically to them is brilliant. There are millions of women out there who have some affiliation to one, and that is a ton of consumers who are continuing coming into the market. We understand Robert Herjavec’s enthusiasm for the brand, and really, he mostly lost out on this because both Kevin O’Leary and Barbara Corcoran teamed up for an offer that brought them not just the power of two sharks, but experience in the space.

Twin Z Pillow – A new way for mothers to really care for twins. This pitch went on forever, but eventually, we did start to get some clarity: They really wanted Lori Greiner on board. We’ll give them some credit: We thought that this product was far too niche, but they found a way to really get in there, prove their concept works, and then show the sharks that it was a worthwhile investment.

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