‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ episode 2 review: This elimination hurts

Worlds Apart -Tonight, “Survivor” gave us an episode that was extremely entertaining. Unfortunately, it also aired one that completely burns our soul … mostly because we don’t quite think we’ve ever been more wrong with a winner pick. Heck, two of our top three from this season are already gone.

We’re trying to figure out just what went wrong to lead to Vince Sly’s elimination, and it seemed based on the edit that there was really only one person to blame: Nina. Her choice to tell Will that Vince was concerned about his health is what did him in. Why in the world would she do that? It was a very bizarre move, since she has to be able to gauge the levels of paranoia that other players have. Then again, Will may have been a little in the wrong here to become the fourth person in a four-person alliance.

So with Vince gone, we are seemingly now without one of our greatest sources of entertainment for the entire season, and the No Collar tribe also has lost who could seemingly be a really good physical asset to their team.

Elsewhere in the game tonight, we saw basically the White Collar tribe start to come together more, while the Blue Collar gang continues to fall apart. Mike and Dan are on the outs, but somehow, Dan seems to be moving up the charts just because of the way Mike is acting with the rest of the tribe. He wants to work all the time, and they don’t.

One other quick observation: Why in the world are so many people taking off their clothes this season? Episode Grade: A-.

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