‘Justified’ season 6, episode 8 review: Raylan has a chat with Arlo

JustifiedOn the last episode of “Justified” we saw Ava come clean to Boyd about working with Raylan to sell him down the river and although he said that he’s going to work with Ava so that they can have their happily ever after, we wonder how much Boyd really trusts her.

Ava and Boyd: When she goes home, she finds Walker in her house asking her to stitch him up while they wait for Boyd. When Boyd gets back, Walker tells him that he was cut lose by Avery and that he has the combination to the vault and wants to help them rip off Avery. Since they know the Pizza Portal will be crawling with Marshall’s, Boyd suggests to Ava that she call in an anonymous tip to Raylan to send them on a goose chase away from the pizza vault… Did she do it?

Raylan: Now that he is committed to being with Winona, he is selling his parents home, burning his father’s war memories and having his mother and father’s remains dug up and moved off the property. It looks like he’s really committed to moving this time, but before he goes he’s tying up a few loose ends – and this includes working with Avery (yes you read that right) to bring in Walker/set up Boyd. Avery is putting up a huge cash reward for Walker and when Raylan comes to Ava’s house and tells Boyd about the cash reward he turns Walker in (Ava never made that call to Raylan). Boyd is taken to Avery to collect the reward from the pizza vault… really what Raylan wants is for Boyd to see the stacks of cash in that vault to ensure that Boyd goes after the big cheese.

The choice: Now that Boyd and Ava have the reward money she wants to leave with him and start over, but after seeing Avery’s vault Boyd can’t leave it behind. Ava decides to tell Raylan about Boyd’s plan with the mines and the dynamite and he realizes that she’s been found out by Boyd.

Our favorite part of this episode was seeing an appearance from Arlo! Raylan checked out an old locked up shed his father had and inside he had a chat with his dear old dad. We were thrilled that the masterminds behind “Justified” found a way to include him in the last season of the show. Episode grade: B-

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