‘The Walking Dead’ season 5: Norman Reedus on his licking trend (video)

Daryl -Yes, you read that headline correctly: Norman Reedus likes to lick people. Then again, if you are a diehard fan of the “Walking Dead” star, you may have known that already.

The video below is a highlight from tonight’s new episode of “Conan,” where Norman discusses with our intrepid host where this particular / bizarre habit first started, and how it has evolved over the years and even became a part of Urban Dictionary. Of course, something that you have to remember when you start a trend like this is that a lot of people are going to ask for it. A lot. Specifically, Reedus mentions that grown men have come up to him, asking if he would be so kind as to lick their daughter.

Yet, this somehow may not be the strangest fan encounter that Norman has ever had. He explains to Conan that he has been a part of an even stranger occasion that involved gigantic horse masks and riding around. Suffice it to say, this is not something that he agreed to do. He may be one of the greatest guys out there with his fans, but everyone has limits!

Also in this video, you get a sense of some of the actor’s biggest fans as a part of the studio audience. It’s a fun chat, and yet another remind that we are right in the thick of it on the second half of season 5. The group’s now in Alexandria, and we’ve yet to see what the next major threat will be. Hopefully, it will be something that Daryl Dixon can lick away.

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