‘Dancing with the Stars’ 20 spotlight: Will Redfoo, Emma Slater bring the entertainment?

Redfoo -Whether it be with Bill Engvall, Michael Waltrip, and now Redfoo, Emma Slater continues to get some of the more entertaining contestants on every season of “Dancing with the Stars.” With that being said, she also gets some of the contestants who may not have the best chance of actually winning.

The LMFAO singer / rapper is a bit of an interesting case: Even though he has no ballroom history, he has guest-judged the show before and is the first person to ever go from that to competing. We know that he will be and really work the humor. What happens when he gets to doing a serious waltz or a rumba? Is it going to be good for his career to even try? That’s what we are a little more interested in figuring out.

Name – Redfoo a.k.a. Stefan Kendal Gordy

Age – 39

Claim to fame – He went from being the son of legendary Motown Records founder Berry Gordy Jr. to being one of the two members of the pop / hip-hop duo LMFAO. “Party Rock Anthem” and “Sexy and I Know It” are their two biggest hits. They’ve been on hiatus for a couple of years now, but seemingly have plans to reunite eventually.

Partner – Emma Slater. Like we said, her specialty is typically the quirky entertainers. She does a good job at getting a good bit of personality and dance steps out of them, and even made it to the finale surprisingly with Bill. When you consider this, you have to consider her and Redfoo a formidable combination.

Strengths – First of all, he will be a good time. Entertainment value is huge to being able to last on the show for a long time, and he’ll have that locked up. LMFAO also does a little bit of choreography, so he’s at least familiar with dance steps. Also, his time as a judge should be good for something, right? He’ll be better prepared for this than almost every other star coming out this season.

Weaknesses – If this was 2013, he’d be enormously popular. However, LMFAO has almost disappeared from the music consciousness as of late, and we don’t know what his fan base really is like. Also, will he be able to take the tender dances seriously, and tone down the loud persona and the crazy outfits? We worry about whether or not he is willing to be vulnerable.

Prediction – While we probably wouldn’t favor him to win, we’d count on him and Riker Lynch being the best overall male dancers this season. He should be able to surprise people, and maybe draw some headlines if he decides to lose the leather pants and the glasses for a dance or two.

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