‘Better Call Saul’ episode 5 review: Talking toilets, elder law, and Mike’s surprise visitor

Better -We have made it to the midway point of “Better Call Saul” season 1, and for the most part, we arrive here with one major reaction: Entertained. It is still clear to us that while this is no “Breaking Bad” in terms of gut-punch impact, this is still a remarkably enjoyable show, and quite possibly our favorite of the entire year so far.

The strange thing about tonight’s episode was that in some ways, it was almost like watching three different episodes. The first part was seeing Saul reap the benefits of his heroic gesture, which including him taking bizarre clients. The man wanting to secede from the United States was hysterical. The suggestive talking toilet was somehow even more hilarious. Eventually, he did discover through a series of interactions that he found a calling in “elder law.” Specifically, he was talking about working with the elderly on their wills, and making sure that they are legally taken care of in the event they passed on.

The second part of the story was about Chuck McGill, who had an episode after going out into the sun. This episode attacked head-on the questions of whether or not he is being genuine with his symptoms, but there was no clear answer. We did see that for a moment, Jimmy almost decided to commit him. That didn’t happen, and in the end, we’re left here with two brothers in a similar place to where they started. Jimmy insists that he is not regressing, while Chuck is still back to battling whatever his ailments are.

Finally, we turn the story of Mike. Did we see his daughter for the first time? Maybe, but we definitely saw the first real elements of his backstory, from his famous car to his love of old movies to even at the end, the surprise guests at his door. We’re hearing that next week is a huge one, and it may be just that for the Jimmy – Mike relationship.

Ultimately, this was probably the weakest “Better Call Saul” episode in that there was no consistent narrative throughout. However, at the same time it was necessary. It got us to where we are meant to be next week. Grade: B.

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