‘The Bachelor: The Women Tell All’ review: Ashley Salter, Jade Roper, Kaitlyn Bristowe in hot seat

Bachelor -Tonight, “The Bachelor: The Women Tell All” aired on ABC, and it was just about as strange as you probably would have imagined going into the show. There was a whole lot of time spend watching women argue constantly with one another, and that to a point got irritating. How many times do we need to see some of the ladies screaming at each other just for the sake of drama?

What we’re going to do in “reviewing” this episode is focusing a little bit on some of the individual women who received spotlight moments during the episode, and whether or not they came off better or worse than they did through the majority of the show.

Britt Nilsson – We don’t really think all that much was really answered here. She cried a whole lot, and acted like the other women took the opportunity away from her. She didn’t really look either better or worse.

Carly Waddell – Probably worse, since for the longest time, she really wasn’t that argumentative on the show. Now, she’s at the center of most of the drama.

Kelsey Poe – Ugh. Here we go again. While she did apologize for some of her comments, we really didn’t need to hear from her again.

Ashley Salter – Still incredibly bizarre, but we found her much more sane during this episode than during the show. She’s being intentionally-silly at times, but hey, it works for her. At least she had a better outlook on things than some other contestants.

Jade Roper – She was mostly looking for answers on why she really left. While we don’t think it was due to the photos, we think that it was because this was a completely different side to her than what Chris had seen all season.

Kaitlyn Bristowe – A very raw interview with Kaitlyn. We understand her emotions, and no doubt this works out well if she ends up being “The Bachelorette.” If she wasn’t the favorite before, she is the favorite now.

Chris Soules – He tried to explain himself … sort of. The thing we’re most sad about is that this whole special felt very sad. Where was some of the humor? This show has gone too deep into creating drama that they’ve forgotten some of the fun.

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