‘Girls’ season 4, episode 7 review: Two steps forward, two steps back for Hannah

Girls -At the end of “Girls” 4×06, we actually started to think that Hannah was finally moving in a completely positive direction by looking to become a teacher. This is a noble profession, and a choice for her that actually makes some sense, given that it keeps her stimulated academically while freeing her nights to do other activities, such as writing.

However, what we saw Sunday night was more of a case of her still suffering with some bouts of either immaturity or humanity when it comes to the one person who will always be her weakness: Adam. She still loves him, and is still upset over how he left her. How else do you explain the fact that he decided to go so far out of the way to ensure that she ended up going to Mimi-Rose’s art exhibition with a date?

We have to say that we felt really bad for this Fran guy, given that he seemed to be completely nice, caring, and attentive to her. He actually was kinder to her in their brief discussion than Adam has been to her during the entire series. Still, you cannot help who you love apparently, and for Hannah, this includes a guy as messed-up as Adam truly is. This episode basically gave us a chance to see both Adam and Hannah deal with their own insecurities, courtesy of Mimi’s ex (Zachary Quinto) and Mimi herself. There were some funny moments in here, but also others when the show ventured a little far into sitcom territory. For example, Mimi not paying for her popsicle, with definitely felt like a Britta Perry sort of protest if there ever was one. (We’ve seen plenty of those on “Community” over the past couple of years.

So while we found there to be some enjoyable moments in here, we found this episode as a whole to be more awkward than fun. We actually wish there was more of Hannah in that teaching environment at the start. Grade: B-.

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