‘Battle Creek’ episode 2 preview: What’s next for Josh Duhamel, Dean Winters, cast?

Battle Creek -Did you enjoy the premiere of “Battle Creek” on CBS Sunday night? We certainly did. It is enough of a traditional cop show to feel familiar, but you’ve got two great leads in Josh Duhamel and Dean Winters to go along with a tone that allows for just a little bit of comedy. There’s some potential here for this to be the sort of series that sticks around for a long time, but it will depend ultimately on the ratings that come out tomorrow.

What we can say for now is that we absolutely love the title for the next new episode “Syruptitious.” We’re going to celebrate any time that we have a cheesy pun like this. The reason that this title is such is because maple syrup is going to be a huge theme in the latest investigation. Take a look at the synopsis below:

“Special Agent Milt Chamberlain and Det. Russ Agnew go undercover as distillers to infiltrate the world of Battle Creek’s maple syrup cartels when a murder victim is found to have drowned in the gooey breakfast condiment.  Meanwhile, Det. Font White goes to war with his medical marijuana dealer.

We have to say first and foremost that we’re not entirely sure that we ever imagined the words “maple syrup cartels” being used next to each other once in our entire life. Yet, we very much approve of it after the fact.

Hopefully, we’re going to see more entertaining moments on the show moving forward, as it is starting to be clear that Milt is going to be sticking around for a little while. We’ll have some further news soon.

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