‘The Walking Dead’ season 5, episode 12 review: Rick loses his beard, Glenn stands up

Rick -Now that Rick and the crew have arrived at Alexandria on “The Walking Dead” is this really going to be a safe zone or is this going to be a trap? Rick has had some serious reservations after what happened at Terminus, but can anyone blame him? At the same time Michonne is tired of the group just surviving and wants them to be part of something where they can all start living and deep down Rick knows that she’s right.

Rick is taken to meet Deanna, the person in charge of Alexandria and she reveals that before this all happened she was a in congress (beware Rick, beware!). She admits that they need a group like Rick’s and that they have never invited anyone into their community that was a survivor. Rick warns her that bringing in people from the outside is dangerous and that she doesn’t understand the world out there. She tells Rick that she wants their group to stay and help them survive.

Rick and the group make the decision to stay (for the time being anyway) and they hand over their guns – in return they are offered homes and jobs (Rick and Michonne are asked to be police for the community). Watching Rick enjoy the little things like, having a shower, shaving off his beard and getting a hair cut was so great to see and it was the “hope” that we have been waiting for. Let’s all take a moment to mourn Rick’s beard.

Watching Daryl try to acclimatize to this community was pretty special as he wandered around town with his crossbow while swinging a dead animal. Carol tries to get him to shower, but he just doesn’t trust the situation – especially when he sees Carol in a cardigan off to make casseroles for the town.

As Carl meets some of the other people in town he ends up telling Rick that he thinks the people there are weak and he worries that they will become weak too and it’s dangerous considering the world they live in. He also meets a girl (probably the only girl his age in town) that he seems to be interested in. Are we going to see a romance blooming for Carl?

There wasn’t a lot that happened in this episode, but it set things up pretty well for the rest of the season. Also Daryl and Glenn kicking the butt of the supply run crew was pretty sweet. Glenn is the man! Episode grade: C+

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