‘Better Call Saul’ episode 5 preview: Jimmy’s new client has a potty problem

Better Call Saul season 1At the end of this past episode of “Better Call Saul,” we had a case of good news and bad news for a certain Jimmy McGill. The good news for him here is that he seems to be in the best shape professionally he’s ever been. After being labeled a hero over saving the billboard worker, he is getting a variety of new, interesting cases delivered right to him. For the first time in forever, he even had messages on his phone!

On the flip side, his brother has also learned that there is a part of Slippin’ Jimmy that has returned, given that he tried to keep his entire escapade with the billboard a secret from him. Chuck is going to have a voice and a role to play before Monday night’s new episode is over.

With all of this being said, he’s not going to play too big of a part in the sneak peek below. This is instead revolving around one of our intrepid attorney’s new cases, which is potentially over a patent. The inventor here is so protective of what he has that he forces Jimmy to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and he also hides what he has under a tarp.

When it is finally unveiled, what we have is … a toilet? As Jimmy quips, this is clearly something that he’s seen before. We imagine that there are even some out there who would probably like to throw him into one of these. We imagine that the real product is probably a specialty child seat within, given that the inventor name-checks Fisher-Price leading up to the reveal.

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(Photo: AMC.)

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