‘Justified’ season 6, episode 7 review: Did Ava tell Boyd about being Raylan’s CI?

JustifiedWhen we last saw Boyd on “Justified” he was getting some heartbreaking news from Limehouse about his beloved Ava. He ratted her out on trying to skip town and we have to wonder how Boyd is going to take the news.

Raylan: He learns that his daughter might have heart problems and he and Winona are taking her to another doctor for a second opinion. She also wants to talk to Raylan about the custody agreement, sort of… what she really wants is to be with Raylan again. Originally she couldn’t handle the idea of possibly losing him while he was on the job, but the idea of him never coming back when they could be together was worse. She tells him she loves him and wants him back just the way he is and he is happy to come back to her.

Boyd: Now that Limehouse has told Boyd the truth about Ava, he’s taking her up to his old hunting cabin in the middle of no where and she is worried. At the cabin Boyd starts talking about their commitment and loyalty to each other as well as their upcoming marriage. The next day he wakes her up to go hunting and things are looking bad for Ava’s future, especially when we saw that Boyd had a gun and Ava didn’t.

Instead of shooting her, Boyd calls Ava out on everything and she admits that she’s been Raylan’s CI to sell Boyd out for her freedom. He asks her if she slept with Raylan and she says no, that she’s always been in love with Boyd. He says that he let her down, understands why she did it and that he’s still in love with her. He says that if she trusts him, tells him everything she told Raylan, that he can give her enough information to feed to Raylan to have him in circles until he can get the money together to get them out of there together.

We do have to note that watching daddy Raylan was a good time. Also we loved seeing Boyd and Ava get back together: There’s just something about these two being together that we want to root for. Episode grade: A-

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