‘The Amazing Race 26’ episode 2 review: Selfie karma

Amazing Race -We’ve made no secret that we hate the inclusion of selfies into “The Amazing Race 26.” This twist is so awful, it actually makes us feel a little bit better about some of the other things that the show is doing. Take, for example, the blind date twist, or the notion that we need some sort of “Bachelor” element of the show where we see people not racing. This actually isn’t that bad, since it reminds us of the early seasons when we actually saw a little more of the Pit Stops than we have in recent years.

We do hate that out of all teams to suffer a #SelfieFail, as in missing a train because you were busy taking a selfie out in front of it, it had to by Libby & CJ. Make no mistake: These two are terrible racers. They did hardly anything right in two episodes, other than maybe choosing the right Detour tonight. They were just so impossibly far behind that it was hard to tell if they were even close to anyone else. With this said, they seem like totally fun people, and we hope that she gets a ring soon after a decade of dating off and on!

We’re going to do something a little different in this review, and give you just a few quick thoughts on each team and where they placed.

1. Jelani & Jenny – We don’t even get the sense that they are trying to be romantic. With that said, they’re great racers! Maybe they’ll accidentally find love along the way to a million bucks. They’re heading in that direction after to straight victories.

2. Laura & Tyler – They’ve spoken a little bit more about the attraction that they have for themselves, and they’re a little mix of competitiveness and trying to figure each other out.

3. Aly & Steve – The most competitive team with a preexisting relationship. Granted, they are Olympians. It’s hard not to be competitive.

4. Harley & Jonathan – Probably our favorite team, even though we have no history of liking New Kids on the Block. They just have a natural, easygoing relationship that makes them fun to watch.

5. Bergen & Kurt – Zero chemistry. Heck, we feel like they weren’t into each other from the very beginning. They’re just going to try to make this work for the race.

6. Jeff & Jackie – They are decent ratings, and probably have a chance at a short-term relationship. We’re not sure they would last for years, but it’s one of the more successful pairings the show has.

7. Matt & Ashley – Surprisingly forgettable, given that they seem to have potential to be very entertaining. We’re just not seeing it.

8. Mike & Rochelle – Our second-favorite team, mostly because they’re different. With that being said, they don’t have the sense of urgency to win this show.

9. Blair & Hayley – A sinking ship. Even before we saw the preview for next week, this relationship felt like a ticking clock. She’s given way more to this than he has.

10. Libby & CJ – #SelfieFail.

We do like this season so far better than the last All-Star season, so there is that. Also, it’s better than the Family Edition. As for everything else, it’s a little too early to tell, but at least this was better than the premiere. Grade: B-.

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