‘Saturday Night Live’ tributes Leonard Nimoy with ‘Star Trek’ sketch

More news -We have to best honest: When “Saturday Night Live” started to air a sketch this weekend themed around “Star Trek,” our initial reaction was to almost commence freaking out, thinking that the show somehow managed to be so blind to the news around them that they decided to mock a show right after Leonard Nimoy died.

Then, the title card at the end proved that this was a tribute-of-sorts to the actor, who died a mere number of days ago. The premise was simple: “Worf M.D.” A doctor came to work dressed as the popular character, and then had to deliver terrible news. The death part of this may have been a little insensitive, but we don’t want to start becoming the “I am offended” police here, since that is the majority of the internet at times.

If you really want to get technical here, Worf actually appeared (at least first) on “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” but that really doesn’t matter that much. What we are the most curious about right now is whether or not this sketch was actually written prior to Nimoy passing away, and they decided to include this at the last second as a way to make sure that it was not entirely awkward. This would be an interesting thing to get some insight on.

As a humor piece, it was probably a little bit lacking, but regardless of the timing of this particular sketch, this was just another reminder of the impact that Nimoy had on so many people all around the world. “Live long and prosper” is one of the greatest lines in TV history.

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