‘Real World: Skeletons’ episode 13 preview: How bad is the Nicole, Jason fight?

NIcole the real worldOn the last episode of “The Real World: Skeletons” we were left with a really big cliff hanger: Nicole and Jason about to come to blows over a stolen bottle of booze from a club. Is this really going to end their friendship or will they find a way to get past it?

We saw Tony steal a bottle of liquor from a club they were at and Nicole came to his defense, but was she really defending him or was she trying to diffuse the situation? We’ve seen Nicole stand up for Bruno and Tony many times and help bring them down from the ledge and we wonder if Nicole wasn’t in the house, how much worse would things be? Nicole handles Bruno and Tony with kid gloves and that only makes sense since when someone is raging (yes, we are looking at you Tony and Bruno), raging back doesn’t get anyone anything other then a black eye.

After Tony tried to blame his poor decision making on his hard life, Jason gets really upset considering that he also had a hard life, but doesn’t use it as an excuse to act out. As Jason became more and more fired up, he started to shift his anger onto Nicole, saying that even though the four of them are part of the “wolf pack” that if it was him that had stolen the bottle, Nicole would’ve given him an earful, but if it’s Tony or Bruno, then she’s on their side.

Jason’s words are enough to ignite something in Nicole and she’s going to physically go at him in the next new episode airing next week. Just how ugly are things going to get? Well this is the “Real World” so we expect it to get a lot worse before it gets better, but Jason isn’t the type of man that would hit a woman and he loves Nicole like a sister so we have faith that it will work it’self out.

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