‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ premiere review: Collars and catastrophes

Survivor -Anytime that Jeff Probst proclaims that a season of “Survivor” is awesome beforehand, we almost immediately start to worry. It’s almost a gut reaction in a way, since there are so many times when we says this, only for it to turn out that the season does not even come close to meeting our expectations.

One episode in to “Survivor: Worlds Apart,” we are going to give this season quite a bit of credit: It’s pretty fantastic. This premiere may have been just as good as the premiere of “Survivor: Cagayan,” and it gave us a wealth of good players and also pretty questionable players. Take, for example, our eliminated So Kim. Has there ever been someone who seemed to be so perfect for this game on paper, and then pretty terrible in execution? Maybe Garrett on “Cagayan,” so the comparisons between the two seasons continue. She and Joaquin, as a part of the opening twist, decide that they want to be deceptive and take the immunity idol clue. Then, they get caught lying about it because they tell some completely unbelievable story.

It felt like so much of her and Joaquin’s follies were basic “Survivor” mistakes. You have to tell compelling lies, you have to be careful when searching for the idol, and you don’t disclose your plans! After losing the immunity challenge, which she was without question great at, she had no problem spelling it out that Carolyn, who clearly knows this show very well, was in trouble. Carolyn knew where to find the idol just by watching them, and she has it! Not only that, but she, Max, Shirin (who struggled with the puzzle), and Tyler all seem to be pretty tight for the time being. Max probably wins for being the most impressive person on this tribe.

Meanwhile, apparently on the No Collar tribe, Joe is already reaching Hercules status. He’s naturally likable, Jenn is into him, and he killed it in the challenge. He is almost Malcolm meets Ozzy meets Colby, and he is the biggest threat out of anyone out there. He started a fire without a flint! We’re not feeling that great about our preseason pick to win in Vince, given that immediately got paranoid about Jenn spending time with Joe and was way too direct about it to her. You can never do that in this game if you want to build trust early. He should have just played along and made alternate plans.

For now, the star of the Blue Collar tribe, entertainment-wise, is either scorpion-eating Mike or Rodney, who is completely arrogant but it seems to be working for him. Dan is in trouble; he’s far too abrasive, and shows what can happen when you are a fan so eager to play, you try to do everything and annoy your other players. Luckily, he’s on a strong tribe who had the willpower to come back from behind during the challenge.

A wonderful episode overall, but one small question: Why does the show always act like everyone catches everything Jeff Probst throws at them? Just saying. Grade: A.

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