‘Sleepy Hollow’ season 3 spoilers: Tom Mison on how Ichabod could move forward

Ichabod -While it is not entirely clear if “Sleepy Hollow” is going to get a third season, we are continuing to hold out hope! Apparently, many people associated with the series are doing the same exact thing, and that includes series star Tom Mison. At this moment, this man has seen both the best and the worst; he’s watched the show be an instant hit, and he also saw many fans express some disapproval this season with how it took Katrina to be interesting.

The good thing with the final episodes of season 2 is that they centered the show again around the Witnesses, and set it up well so that if the show continues, it will go back to its fun roots of Ichabod and Abbie trying to save the world. With all of this being said, it really cannot be the same exact show, given that both Katrina and Henry are dead, and he had a role in what happened to both of them.

Is he going to dive into darkness himself now? Speaking to TVLine, Mison makes it clear that he doesn’t see Ichabod going an evil route. Instead, he feels more like his character will just repress the pain for as long as he can:

“I don’t think he would want anyone to see how much he’s hurting. He would want to get on with it. They made a choice. Henry and Katrina made their decision to turn dark. Abbie and Ichabod made their decision to fight against it, and that’s the decision and we’re going to go with, and I’m going to be strong and we’ve got other battles to fight. This is what I’d like to see: him put a lid on it and let those emotions just bubble underneath. Much like we saw in Season 1 when he was so eager to hide his emotions and then there’d just be outbursts, like when he went completely nuts against the scarecrow root monster. And, I guess, the built-up tension that let him go nuts on Solomon Kent in this season. Little bursts of uncontrollable violence, because he’s trying to keep everything under wraps.”

We should find out about a possible third season in May at the latest, but we’ll have more insight before then at the link here.

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