‘King of the Nerds’ season 3, episode 6 review: Who murdered Pom Pom Kitty?

Colby -Last time on “King of the Nerds” we saw the demise of the secret six alliance as we lost Heather from the game. Jonathan has jumped ship and is working with Kaitlin, Colby and Raychelle, but is he going to stay true to his new alliance?

Nerd war: Pom Pom Kitty has been murdered! The challenge for the nerds is to study forensic science and find out who killed Pom Pom Kitty. The suspects? A vampire, the mummy, the werewolf, Frankenstein’s monster or the invisible man. Each team gets to investigate recreations of the murder scene and then pick their murderer along with what weapon was used.

Team S.M.A.S.H. got a little behind right from the start because they didn’t read the instructions correctly giving House Hooloovoo an advantage. Team S.M.A.S.H just couldn’t catch up and House Hooloovoo took the win. So who murdered our beloved Pom Pom Kitty? It was the Werewolf with the syringe… or was it? Turns out Kitty Pom Pom was dressing up as the werewolf and staged this whole thing as a way to fit in with the nerds and she is not actually dead.

Nerd off: Jonathan feels bad for not going up against Colby in the last nerd off and decides to nominate himself into the nerd off, but Lily thinks that the nerd off is going to be all about classic horror movies based on what they saw in the nerd war and suggests to Amanda that she go in to take down Colby. At the nerd off, no one is surprised that Colby was voted in by House Hooloovoo, but there are some shocked expressions when Amanda is voted in over Jonathan (and she voted for herself). So was Lily’s theory correct? At first Curtis gives Amanda a heart attack when he announces that the challenge involves advanced mathematics, but then he reveals that it is actually a trivia competition about horror movies and Amanda is a goddess when it comes to this subject.

Amanda feels pretty confident about this subject matter, but Colby says he really doesn’t know anything about horror. That being said he’s so crazy good at studying and he downloaded a lot of information – is it enough to beat Amanda? They both do fairly well in answering questions, but there is a bit of a luck element to it. For every question they get right (depending on the difficulty) they get to smash zombie heads and inside are point values.

It was crazy to see Amanda beat the jeopardy champ, but it had to feel good for her not only to stay in Nerdvana, but also to avenge Heather going home. We were sad to see Colby go, we will miss his confession room comments and how hard he played the game. Going into next week though we are going to see every nerd for themselves as the teams are dissolved, but they were never really working together as a team since the secret six alliance was cross teams so it’s not really going to change much. Now it’s just everyone against Kaitlin.

It was interesting to hear that no one was happy that a Jeopardy champion was in the game and we are curious if it is because he already won a game show multiple times or if they thought it was unbalanced because of how much trivia he knew compared to all of them. Episode grade: B

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