‘The Blacklist’ season 2, episode 13 review: Is Liz going to jail?

Blacklist -Last time on “The Blacklist” we saw Cooper getting into a treatment program that could help him with his cancer (we don’t want to lose him!) and Reddington still trying to make amends with Liz by buying her an apartment (can money really buy love?) which she promptly rejected. We were left with Reddington finding a mysterious phone number in Fitch’s safe and an unknown man’s voice on the other end of that phone number – but who is it?

Now that harbor master Ames’ body has been found, how much trouble is Liz really in? With the witness, the body and the detective looking into her, we suspect it’s going to be quite a bit. The witness has an immunity deal as long as he testifies in court against Liz, which he’s happy with. The detective calls Liz and tells her that he has the body and a witness that puts her and Tom at the scene… and she knows she’s up the creek. Liz tells Ressler about the situation and he suggests that she go to Cooper for help since she didn’t actually kill anyone. Will she ask Reddington for a favor instead?

So who is on the other end of that phone number that Reddington found? The voice wants to meet with Reddington and he’s of course curious, but the meeting is at the same time that the witness against Liz is going to be moved and he wants a word with him. Reddington decided to go after the witness and the mysterious man on the other end of the phone isn’t pleased about getting stood up. Reddington tells the witness that he can get his brother a heart (he’s awaiting a transplant) in a week if he doesn’t testify against Liz. So what is he going to do? The witness decides to get the heart for his brother and clams up saying that he doesn’t know anything.

Since Reddington missed the call from the mysterious man, he goes to Aram and asks him to trace the call and let him know what he finds. He finds an address for Reddington and we see him head to the address looking for the man, but instead Reddington finds a trashed empty apartment, blood on the floor and when he calls the number, there’s no answer anymore.

Liz decides to tell Reddington that she has the Falcrum and in return Reddington tells her he saved her from going to jail. Is she going to hand it over to him? Of course not, so how is he going to convince her to give it to him?

 Liz’s guilt over the death of Ames is eating away at her and it was nice to see. We know that she’s a tough woman, but these situations have to get to her sometimes. Episode grade: B

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