‘The Mentalist’ series finale review: Jane and Lisbon’s wedding; a fond farewell

This is how you do a TV wedding! While we could sit here and complain about how “The Mentalist” did not actually give us the Jane / Lisbon wedding in the series finale until the final nine minutes, they at least did something else smart: Focusing almost the entire hour on the ceremony in some shape or form.

Was there still an enemy that the FBI had to take down? Sure, in the form of Keller. He was a man who was desperate for revenge on Jane, and tried almost everything that he could to come back and kill him. Luckily, he was outsmarted at almost every turn. We knew that there was never really any danger, but this story led to the awesome imagery of Lisbon pointing a gun at Keller while sporting that wedding dress. The story, and the wedding itself were just about everything we wanted. Also, dancing Cho!

This was a story that wasn’t really about ambiguity or mystery; it had plenty of that all season. This was all about just creating that big moment for the Jane and Lisbon characters and pleasing fans in the process. Was there more we wanted to see? Sure. We would have been happy to see more stories for Cho and Wylie down the line, but the fact that they are working together really should be enough for now.

From the simple cabin wedding to the ceremony to the conversation at the end, we really are just grateful that this was a finale that really did not try to do too much, and actually focused on keeping it simple. Sometimes, that works, and after seven years of crime-solving, we feel like we’re walking away from the show with exactly the end we wanted. Also, Lisbon is pregnant! Jane has a chance to get back a different form of all he once lost. Grade: A.

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