‘Two and a Half Men’ series finale spoilers: Chuck Lorre to hold nothing back

The latest -Tomorrow night, it’s the end of a very long era for CBS: The “Two and a Half Men” series finale is here. That is still a very crazy thing to think about. Due to the CBS scheduling more than a decade ago, we link this show to “Everybody Loves Raymond.” We don’t remember a time when neither one of these shows was on the air.

While executive producer / co-creator Chuck Lorre is still remaining coy about what the show will give to us for its hour-long run time Thursday night, he does promise to The Hollywood Reporter that his plan here is to give you something that reminds you of the Charlie Sheen days, and then also a story that is much more about the Ashton Kutcher era:

“The show has been many things over 12 years; it’s really two shows if you think about it. There were eight years with Charlie Sheen and four years with Ashton Kutcher. They’re very different — a different energy and dynamic. The show, for better or worse, has a great deal of scandal attached to it. There’s no getting away from it. It’s part of the DNA of the show. I wanted the finale to take it all in and not ignore any of those elements.”

We’ve been very open about this, and feel like the real coup for this show would be if they manage to find a way to get back Jake for another appearance. It is basically a foregone conclusion that Sheen would have returned if he was asked; Angus T. Jones, meanwhile, is completely enigmatic, but he was a part of the show longer than Charlie was and cannot be fully ignored.

We do want to say that we hope that history is a little kinder on “Two and a Half Men” than many were in the present. Was the show crude? Sure, but many others have been over the years. While it’s never been anything above the lowest common denominator, this was at times a very funny comedy and one of the few truly great sitcoms in an era without many of them. The Charlie Waffles era was the stuff of brilliance, and the Kutcher era hit its peak for us with the arc of Walden’s twisted “Prince and the Pauper” story with Kate.

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