‘Better Call Saul’ episode 3 review: Saul and Mike’s bonding moment

Better Call Saul season 1Three episodes into “Better Call Saul,” this show is clearly going to be very strong. While we’re not entirely sure that it has captured all of the magic of “Breaking Bad,” it really doesn’t need to. That show was one in a billion; even if this show is one in ten thousand, it is still really great.

Tonight, what we had above all else is further proof that Saul, while a walking hot mess, is actually pretty darn good at investigating. When he saw that the Kettleman family had disappeared after warning them that they were in danger, he was able to figure out pretty easily that they had bolted themselves and made it look like a kidnapping. To be fair, he had the benefit of inside knowledge. What this was for him was a good test of who sees on his level, and we were surprised to learn that it was none other than Mike who did.

After getting into an altercation with the guy over the stamps, he finally learned more about Mike’s background, including that he has a history in police work. Since we know where this story is going, this was of course valuable information to know. It also establishes him more as a character to watch throughout the season.

This episode concluded with Saul eventually finding the entire Kettleman family, and what came out of that was an interesting debate. With the tear of the bad, they know that he knows about the funny, as funny as that is to say. This puts the family in a position of some, but not all power. They have something to offer Saul, but he is still very much at their mercy, and we will have to see how this transpires.

In the end, a very strong, entertaining hour. It did not stun us or redefine television, but we’ll be thrilled if this is the entire season. Grade: B+.

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Photo: AMC

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