‘Better Call Saul’ episode 3 preview: ‘Nacho’ problems

At the end of Monday night’s new episode of “Better Call Saul,” we started to get the sense of what could be the primary narrative arc of the first season: Saul deciding that, in a desperate move for money to support his brother, he needs to do some under-the-table work. Specifically, that he needs to do that with Nacho, Tuco’s slightly-more-intelligent (and sane) colleague who realizes that there is some serious money to be made from scheming a certain wealthy person in Albuquerque.

It’s possible that this arc only lasts a couple of episodes, but for the time being, the sneak peek below does not give away much. What it does provide is a window into Saul’s extreme desperation to improve his life. He is outside waiting by a payphone for a call seemingly from Nacho, and still driving around what we want to refer to as the Mustard and Ketchup Mobile. This is not a man operating from within the confines of a decent legal practice.

The sweeping shot at the end of this is beautiful in its subtlety. There are not many other shows out there that do anywhere near as effective a job of showcasing perspective, but this is rather exemplary. You have Saul appearing almost tiny and insignificant against the face of a building; it is hardly a marvel of architecture, but compared to him in its present state, it is a gem.

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