‘The Walking Dead’ season 3, episode 2 review: Hershel in trouble, Rick leads the charge

Now that we are back in the thick of things for Rick and the group on “The Walking Dead” we have to wonder how long they are really going to be able to stay at this prison. Can it really be a home long term or is that just not a possibility in this kind of world?

Hershel hasn’t had the easiest time as he has had his leg amputated, but that is not the only issue that the group is facing. We have a group of prisoners that were left inside the prison for ten months and although some of the group would like there to be peace between Rick’s group and theirs, not everyone is trusting and everyone wants ownership of the prison. After an exchange of words, the two groups decide to share the prison (it is fairly large after all) and Rick, Daryl and T-Dog agree to help the prisoners clear out their cell block of walkers, but they want some of their food supplies as payment.

During their sweep of the prisoners cell block one of the prisoners (Tomas) decides to take the opportunity to kill Rick and take back the prison as his own since he was never really that willing to give it up in the first place. Tomas misses his chance and ends up dead as did a few of the other prisoners either from their own stupidity or trying to attack Rick’s group leaving only Axel and Oscar left alive.

With Lori getting close to giving birth and Hershel clinging to life, Carol uses a walker to try to learn how to perform a C-section in case she needs to help Lori. Luckily Hershel starts to recover and we have some hope that he may survive.

We feel that the other prisoners were a bit of a distraction from what was really going on with the main group in this episode, especially since all we really cared about was Hershel. We love him and don’t want to lose him since he is one of the few positive people in this world that gives us hope for the future. Episode grade: C+

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